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  A Journey with a Rookie Writer. 

We bring the quilts to our Author Visits!

In the works...


Picture books


   Hairy Bear- Hairy Bear needs to store up food for winter, but because he's a sharing bear, he gives away all his food. He's soo hungry until the community of forest animals share with him. A simple story about paying it forward.


  Awesome LawsonHe'd rather HAVE adventures than READ about them. He always looked ahead and guessed what the big signs said but because he couldn't read, he encountered a nasty snake, a mean mama duck and bit into a crab apple. After learning to read, he still has adventures, both real and imaginary.


    The Loud Leprechaun-  Shaina's Fairy friends never let her play their quiet, delicate games.Why? Because she crashed when rainbow surfing, danced jigs instead of being sneaky, and dissolved into giggles when hiding. But when human kids came out to play 'Catch a Fairy', Shaina's clumsiness sounded like a crowd coming to the rescue. The first story in a three-part series about your faults becoming your attributes.


   Boxy Bob-  Boxy Bob wants to deliver happiness by being filled with dazzling, flashy Christmas stuff. But his cargo continually gets crushed. When he is left protecting an abandoned pup, he is certain his box life is over. But hope comes in the form of a freckle-faced boy. Boxy finds true happiness when he and the puppy are given to a lonely neighborhood boy. The best boxes are giving boxes.


   Misfit Mosquito-a mosquito's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer story who overcomes her handicap, a lumpy, bumpity nose, to find a way to save her swarm.


   Not a Book Girl-A spunky eight-year-old escapes into her overactive imagination to avoid reading books of any kind. Everything changes when her friend shares his action-packed book that connects with her inner superhero.




Middle Grade Manuscripts: 


  Puzzling Brotherhood-At Camp Riddle the brothers, Boden and Hudson are on rival teams and battling to be Camp Champs, but what happens if winning means losing your brother forever? 


    Quilt Rider-a time travel historical fiction where Landry, via quilts & a diary found in the attic, travels to the 1850's farm life in mid-America and unknowingly befriends her great, great, grandmother.


     Rule of Three-a contemporary realistic fiction of Billie, a 13 year old girl left to raise her two younger brothers while trying to be a teenager and coping with her dysfunctional parents. To force her father to be present, Billie runs away, but realizes too late she has inadvertently abandoned her family, just as her mother has done.

Published! This middle grade historical fiction from doodleandpeck.com

Keepers of the Secret Code: This is a coming of age story set during the Antebellum South Era in Charleston, South Carolina, about secret messages revealed through quilt patterns used to help enslaved people escape on the Underground Railroad.

(based on the family legacy of Teresa R. Kemp, co-author)

School Visits and Reviews

Author Visits:  

      Anderson Elementary in Union Public Schools

      Ator Elmentary in Owasso Public Schools         

      Jefferson Elementary in Union Public Schools

      Lincoln Christian Intermediate at Lincoln Christian School

        Vandever Elementary in Broken Arrow Schools

      BA Historical Museum in the Rose District of Broken Arrow

      Green Country Quilt Guild in Tulsa

      Rivendell Books and Baubles in Broken Arrow

      Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa


Keepers of the Secret Code Reviews:


     "An incredible ...journey of researching, writing, editing and likely shedding tears when frustrated to compose such a beautiful story. Your book truly capitvated me and was an enlightenment of details I didn't know."

                                                         --Glenda Buttery, former teacher


     "I was moved to tears several times while reading this work because the authors lead the reader on a beautiful, yet excruciatingly difficult journey. Yet there was joy in this book as well, joy in the love and compassion his family shared and in the moments of sincere and giving love, generosity and the strength of the human spirit. I hope that all people have the opportunity to read this work, to feel the reality so artfully protrayed and to learn."

                                                --Amy Brewer, Agent at Metamorphosis Literary Agency


"I've read Keepers of the Secret Code. Excellent book and very well written." Ms. Krystal Rogers, private school, 6th grade teacher